Robert "Hoofy" Doan's Passing
October 13, 2019

Robert "Hoofy" Doan, a member of the Good Will Fire Co. since 1972, passed away this morning from Pancreatic Cancer.

Hoofy was a major part of making the West Chester Fire Department what it is today. Hoof served as Assistant Chief of the WC Fire Department and as President and Vice President of the Chester County Fire Chiefs Association. He was a Fire Marshal and had held multiple other Executive Board positions throughout Chester County. One of Hoofy's most significant accomplishments was his tireless work to bring the Chester County Public Safety Training Facility into being. Hoofy has always been the ultimate volunteer. Whenever an extra set of hands was needed, no matter the cause, he was there. We will always hold memories of Hoofy at Breakfast with Santa for our volunteers, at WCFD banquets, and the Chili Cook-off, in our hearts and minds... remembering his playful irreverence as well as his give-you-the shirt-off-his-back attitude. Hoof's family was by his side as he passed away this morning, never to be forgotten by so many of us who had the honor to have known him.

Rest in Peace, Hoofy.

Love, your West Chester Fire Department family